Available Character Descriptors

"What makes you specifically you? What informs the decisions you make, the path you trod? That is the core of who you are."

Quick Explanation of Descriptors

A descriptor defines your character, it is the base motivation behind everything you do. They change the way you go about actions, how you approach problems. They come with both benefits and limitations. They will also flavor how you got involved with the rest of the team.

Note that, for the sake of brevity, and perhaps a bit of mystery, they will not be explained outside of a short blurb here. You can certainly look them up elsewhere, but part of the fun is embracing the mystery.

Available Descriptors

From the Core Book

Charming Clever Graceful Intelligent Learned
Mystical Mechanical Rugged Stealthy Strong
Strong-Willed Swift Tough

From Character Options 1

Clumsy Craven Cruel Dishonorable Doomed
Driven Empathic Exiled Foolish Hardy
Hideous Honorable Impulsive Inquisitive Mad
Naive Noble Perceptive Resilient Tongue-Tied
Vengeful Wealthy Weird

From Character Options 2

Abrasive Aggressive Altruistic Amusing Deliberate
Devout Efficient Extraterrestrial Fabulous Gregarious
Insolent Intimidating Lonely Manipulative Marine
Meek Mercurial Obsessive Passionate Polyglot
Rebellious Resourceful Subterranean Ultraterrestrial Vigilant

From Torment: Tides of Numenera

Bloomborn Castoff Cautious Slick

Ported from The Cypher System

Calm Virtuous

Ported from Expanded Worlds

Adroit Beneficent Chaotic Earnest Heroic
Insolent Lawful Meddlesome Obsessive Relentless
Serene Young

Ported from Predation

Daring Empirical Savage Volcanic

Ported from The Strange

Appealing Brash Fast Lucky Sharp-Eyed

From Other Sources

Accurate Ambidextrous Analytical Desert-Dwelling Fugitive
Mysterious Proxima Rayskelan Wealthy
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