Available Character Foci

"You must learn to channel your power, give it an avenue to expand and grow with you…"

Quick Explanation of Character Focus

A Focus is something that makes you truly unique. No two characters in a campaign share the same focus. A focus gives you additional abilities beyond your Type, and will grow with you each Tier as you advance. Your focus will also give you a unique connection to one other character in the campaign. You choose the connection from a few options, and the PC to connect to. Then, the player you chose gets to iron out the specifics with you.

You'll want to determine how you got your special abilities once you've chosen your Foci. The specifics are up to you (or can be randomly rolled if you wish). Some examples:

  • Natural evolutionary mutation.
  • Unexpected viral reconstruction of your body.
  • Ancestral exposure to chemicals, radiation, or virus.
  • Experimental science performed on your ancestors.
  • An encounter with the Iron Wind.
  • Abduction by extraterrestrials/rogue scientist/a machine intelligence who experimented on you.
  • Encounter with an ultraterrestrial intelligence who mystically altered you.
  • Intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical devices.
  • Hidden artifact secreted on your person.
  • Cloud of nanotech that follows and responds to you for an unknown reason.
  • Implant that provides knowledge and powers from the Datasphere.
  • Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.
  • Training by machine intelligence/secret order/extraterrestrial entities.

Available Focus

From the Core Book

Bears a Halo of Fire Carries a Quiver Commands Mental Powers Controls Beasts Controls Gravity
Crafts Illusions Crafts Unique Objects Employs Magnetism Entertains Exists Partially Out of Phase
Explores Dark Places Fights With Panache Focuses Mind over Matter Fuses Flesh and Steel Howls at the Moon
Hunts with Great Skill Leads Lives in the Wilderness Masters Defense Masters Weaponry
Murders Rages Rides the Lightning Talks to Machines Wears a Sheen of Ice
Wields Power with Precision Wields Two Weapons at Once Works Miracles Works the Back Alleys

From Character Options 1

Battles Automatons Consorts with the Dead Constantly Evolves Defends the Weak Exists in Two Places at Once
Explores Deep Water Fights Dirty Focuses Two Personalities Fuses Mind and Machine Hunts Abhumans
Hunts Mutants Masters Insects Metes Out Justice Moves Like a Cat Needs No Weapon
Never Says Die Performs Feats of Strength Possesses a Shard of the Sun Reforges Completely Sees Beyond
Separates Mind from Body Siphons Power Stands Like a Bastion Throws With Deadly Accuracy Travels Through Time

From Character Options 2

Abides in Crystal Absorbs Energy Abuses Alchemy Becomes Energy Charges Right In
Conceals the Truth Delves Too Deeply Devotes Everything to the Causes Fell From Another World Figures Things Out
Forges a Bond Gazes Into the Abyss Likes to Break Things Lives on the Road Makes Something out of Nothing
Manipulates Force Plays Tricks Provides Support Shapes Liquid Speaks to the Datasphere
Stares Down Adversity Steps into the Outside Ventures Into the Night Wields a Whip Wonders

From Torment: Tides of Numenera

Delved Too Deeply Has Three Hands Speaks in Exaltation Taps the Void

From Jade Collossus

Breathes Shadow Snares Deadly Prey Speaks With a Silver Tongue

Ported From Expanded Worlds

Collects Bounties Fell Through a Rabbit Hole Finds The Flaw in All Things Learns Quickly Likes to Break Things
Mutates Negotiates Matters of Life and Death Plays a Deadly Instrument Runs Away
Touches the Sky Walks the Wasteland Wonders

Ported From the Cypher System

Abides in Stone Awakens Dreams Blazes With Radiance Builds Automatons (Robots) Calculates the Incalculable
Doesn't Do Much Masters the Swarm Shepherds Spirits Slays Monsters Speaks for the Land
Would Rather Be Reading

Ported from The Strange

Adapts to Any Environment Conducts Weird Science Infiltrates Integrates Weaponry Looks for Trouble
Metamorphosizes Operates Undercover Processes Information Regenerates Tissue Solves Mysteries
Spawns Works the System

From Other Sources

Basks in the Sun Binds to a Single Weapon Bonds with Symbiotic Armor Delves the Datasphere Isn't
Manipulates Acoustics
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