Handling Numenera Combat in a PbP Setting

Brought over from an in-game post:

So, since we're getting closer to the actual meat of this adventure, I figured it would be a good time to give you a more detailed rundown on how combat will work (because, yes, we're gonna fight stuff).

Some of this is on the wiki, but to give it a little more specific flavor, I'm going to try this method first. If it works, great. Otherwise, we can always try other methods.

Once combat initiates, I will announce such OOCly in the IC thread. A new OOC thread will be created, titled OOC Episode 00x: Battle, Team vs BigBad or something similar.

I will have each of you roll initiative, which will be your Base Speed (or current Speed pool, whichever is lower) + 1d20, plus any modifiers you might have. Everyone will move in the order of highest to lowest. The enemy will, of course, also roll.

Everyone will have a number of potential actions per round, equal to their current speed pool divided by 5, rounded down.

Actions can include:

  • Moving one distance step (between 10-20ft)
  • Attacking
  • Interaction
  • Activating/Using a skill
  • Speech beyond a few syllables.

Once the 'round' starts, everyone can indicate their intended actions, and are welcome to edit their post if someone else's actions would interfere with theirs or make it impossible. You do NOT need to follow pose order in the OOC thread. As well, speedy posting will be appreciated here so battles don't drag on for weeks on end.

As people post their intents, I will indicate what rolls are needed, and at what difficulty. At this time, you'll let me know if you want to use Edge and Pool Points to reduce difficulties (details in the wiki), roll, and we'll determine the result.

Once I have everyone's actions for the round locked down, I'll go ahead and summarize, and then write a detailed pose in the IC thread outlining what happened in that round. We'll then repeat the process for the next round, and continue as necessary,

Now, Where this differs from the standard rules is that normally, everyone gets only one action per round normally, but I want to push the action along a little quicker due to the nature of PbP RP. I will also be more liberal with intrusions during battle, meaning you'll get a lot more chances to accept the intrusion to get XP (recall when not the result of a critical failure, intrusions can be dismissed by giving back the XP you were offered — but intrudes can be bad, difficult, OR good).

In a standard Tabletop game of Numenera, intrusions would be less common, but I want to give you all better chances to improve your characters, and so will be handing out XP more readily than I would in a live game.

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