Rules for Pose Order in the RPoL Setting

When I refer to "Pose Order", I'm using a term that comes from the MU* setting, rather than traditional PbP, since many of my players come from that environment, but it should be familiar enough regardless. Pose order is, in effect the imposed order in which players can respond to a thread. This is established so that everyone has a chance to interact with the setting before a person pops in again with another response. Obviously, we want everyone to get enjoyment out of the game.

There are a few different types of pose order that I will call during the course of the game:

Free For All (FFA)

This is the loosest version of a pose order. When this is called, we're generally RPing a situation that needs little to no GM intervention. Camp conversations, planning meetings, chit-chat on the road, that sort of thing. When FFA is called, the only real rule is to let at least one other player pose before you pose again. The GM is, of course, not considered another player in this instance.

Three-Pose Rule (3PR)

This is the general assumed pose order of any thread unless specifically stated otherwise. Three-pose rule is so named as the average scene size for this game will be five active players (six eventually), and you are asked to allow at least half of the other players in the scene to pose before you respond again. So… three pose means, effectively:

  • You post
  • Player 2 posts
  • Player 3 posts
  • You post
  • Player 4 posts
  • Player 3 posts
  • Player 5 posts
  • You post
  • …and so on.

This method allows enough time for all players to be involved, but a single, slower-posting player to gum up the works by not responding.

Initiative Order

This will be a very rare occurrence, and I've specifically designed combat to prevent this from being an issue. However, there may occasionally be instances where I ask everyone to roll initiative in a specific manner, and then pose their responses in the specific order I specify. Usually, this will be associated with looking, group skill checks, or the like, and frankly, I'll try to keep these to the discord channel instead as much as possible.

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