Resting And Recovery

"Breathe. Relax. Take a load off. Surely one of you can keep an eye out. Don't push yourself so far that you fall."

Regaining Your Stat Pools

During the course of the adventure, you're going to use your stat pool. You should! It helps you push rolls, it gives you a hand up, and it allows you to use the special powers that make you a hero!

You'll also likely take damage, since there are things out there in the world that really want to end you. As such, your pools will eventually start to get rather low, especially in the early levels.

There is, however, an easy process to regain pool points, aside from cyphers and other consumables: Rest.

Rest in this game will run pretty much tandem to the Rules as Written, with perhaps a few notes:

  1. Rest is cumulative, meaning each of the four periods (will explain further down) CAN technically be stacked together in a single rest period, although consider your teammates when making such a decision.
  2. Each period of rest, regardless of time, provides 1d6+ your current Tier in pool points. This can be spread as you desire amongst all three pools, with the only restriction being you cannot exceed your maximum.
  3. Each period of rest can only be taken once per 28 hour day. If your teammates are taking a short rest, but you've already used yours, you will not get the pool benefits of the short rest again.
  4. Aside from Long/Full rest, it is not immediately presumed that all characters choose to take the rest times — one player may choose to only use their Take a Knee period, while another in more dire straights chooses to take that along with a short rest. Narratively, we would just assume the players who are not taking advantage of the other rest periods at that time are doing something else with their time.
  5. Periods reset in one of two circumstances: The team have been active more than a full day (28 hours), or the Full Rest option for Fourth Period has been taken.
  6. When a Long rest is taken, any unused periods from before are presumed to be stacked along with it.
  7. Any recovery roll assets provided by effects, powers, or items are on top of your base Tier asset.

As mentioned, rest time-frames come in what I call "Periods", as each rest requires a greater period of time for the same result. This is used to represent the greater difficulty to recover as you make it through the day.

Rest Periods

Period Name Time Errata
Take a Knee Around a minute First rest of the day, mostly is just one taking a quick breather to recover. Note: If there has been NO rest during the course of the day, you do have the option to sacrifice an entire round of action during combat to take a single recovery roll.
Short Rest 10 minutes Includes actually taking the time to stop, relax the body, and recover.
Medium Rest 1 hour This is a more involved resting period. May involve meditation, a short nap, whatever the adventurer needs to recover themselves.
Long Rest 8 hours This is, for all intents and purposes, making camp. Eating, sleeping, resting. It CAN be done while in unsafe areas, but there is always a chance for a GM Intrusion if you do.

Note the Long Rest can be converted, if the party is in a safe location, and can extend it to at least 10 hours (with no watch posted — 12 if a watch is posted), to a Full Rest. A full rest will automatically refresh ALL pool points of all characters to full. If the character is multiple steps down the damage track, this should restore them fully — narratively we'll shrug this off to the application of various standard consumables.

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